‘Memory’s Gate’

My novel, Memory’s Gate, has been published as an e-book and is now available for Nook or for Kindle.

What would you do if you got a message from a past life? That’s the question facing Paul Weeres after a party trick brings him more than he – or anyone – anticipated. Paul’s journey from skepticism to understanding – set in the latter decades of the Twentieth Century – parallels the tale a century earlier of Michael McSwain, the seeker who eventually leaves Paul his message. As Paul seeks to understand the meaning and the truth in the message Michael has left about the soul they share, we also see Michael – living in the American Midwest and Great Plains of the late Nineteenth Century and early Twentieth Century – facing similar internal struggles as he learns truths that he will eventually pass on to the future. Living in far different times, the two men learn to cope with and to embrace joy, sorrow, fear, love and all the other stuff of life.

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