‘And There’s No Time . . .’

Well, actually, there is time this morning, but I’m spending it in other places than this blog, and I’m a little preoccupied. First of all, I’m keeping an eye on the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, where the women’s hockey teams are playing medal games today, with the U.S. facing Canada for the gold medal a little bit later today.

And as I write, I’m captivated by the Swiss women’s hockey team coming back from a 2-0 deficit in the third period to defeat Sweden 4-3 in the bronze medal game. Now, being of half-Swedish descent, I should be at least annoyed. But a good story trumps bloodlines, and I’m nodding in approval as I watch the post-game celebration.

As well as watching the action from Sochi, I’m also watching the weather. Sometime very soon, a winter storm will come through here, dropping – according to the National Weather Service – somewhere from six to nine inches of snow between this morning and midnight. The Texas Gal is at her job downtown, and she said she’ll keep an eye on the snow outside her window, and she’ll make sure she gets on a bus before it gets too bad. (Taking a bus home – the nearest stop on the route is half a block from our front door – is likely safer for both of us than my trying to drive downtown through the snow to get her.)

So those things occupy my mind this morning, and I thought that just to keep the lights on here, I’d drop in a cover of a Beatles tune. On her 1981 album What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me, Chaka Khan took a stab at “We Can Work It Out.” It’s a good cover of the Lennon-McCartney tune, and it went to No. 34 on the R&B chart that year.


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  1. David Lenander says:

    I like this. Reminds me a bit of Melanie’s cover of “We Can Work It Out” on her PHONOGENIC record, where she did several fine covers and some of her best songs, too: “Running After Love,” “California Dreaming” but the album, like its predecessor, the fine PHOTOGRAPH, pretty much tanked. Possibly her best two albums.

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