‘Bright White . . .’

This morning’s task here at the EITW studios was to sort the 73,000 or so mp3s on the shelves, looking for titles with the word “white” in them. That’s in preparation, of course, for the ninth and final chapter of the adventure we call Floyd’s Prism, which has thus far covered the seven colors of the spectrum and black.

Our sorting got complicated right away. First of all, there are many tracks in the collection by both the Average White Band and Tony Joe White. And then, not only does the RealPlayer sorting function take into account title, artist name and album title (or record label, if the mp3 was better known as a single), but it also sorts for the various notes appended to the mp3s by their creators.

And when I turn my records into mp3s, I have the habit – most of the time – of appending a note that says “Ripped from vinyl by whiteray.” So there are many, many mp3s that show up in the search that have no connection to “white” in their titles, their artists or their album titles or record label names. I don’t recall ripping a live version of Gregg Allman performing “Dreams” during a 1974 concert in Boston, but I’m glad I did. I remember ripping in its entirety the 1982 album Chipmunk Rock, and I sort of regret that (but only sort of; it is a little bit of a hoot to hear Alvin, Simon and Theodore take on Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and other tunes of that vintage).

Anyway, I’m sorting things out, looking for titles with “white” in them. I’ll have plenty to choose from, so I thought that as I sort and research, I’d offer a preview of sorts today. Here’s the title track to Shawn Phillips’ 1973 album, Bright White.

I’ll be back Saturday with a single, and we’ll dig into “White” next week.


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  1. Yah Shure says:

    Such was the popularity of Shawn Phillips in the Twin Cities that the Musicland store I frequented on 7th Street in downtown Minneapolis had the “Bright White” single in stock that December. I liked it a lot at the time, but always skimmed past it when rifling through my 45s over the years, to the point where it sounded almost completely unfamiliar when I dug it out not all that long ago.

    But it didn’t quite win me over like it had in 1973. Shawn was obviously looking for a hit single here, and while the overall results were far from half-baked, the hook needed another teaspoon of yeast. “Bright White” was a marked improvement over its seven-inch predecessors (“Lost Horizon” and “Anello (Where Are You)”) but the slicker direction lacked the folkie intimacy of ‘Second Contribution’ and ‘Collaboration’ which had made me a fan.

  2. […] fall by the wayside, as do Shawn Phillips’ 1973 album Bright White (we posted the title tune here the other week), Michael Omartian’s 1974 effort White Horse, most of David Gray’s 200 album […]

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