‘Flat Feet’

In a week full of odd errands and delayed appointments, I find myself somewhat scattered mentally, not able to focus at the moment on much except the next item on my calendar. So I came to my blogging task this morning more unprepared than usual. I thought briefly about offering this morning a preview of “Green,” the next segment of Floyd’s Prism, which I hope to have in this space two days from now.

Then I looked at the calendar again to remind myself which appointment I have today, and I saw that I get to see Dr. Matt, who will tend to my aching feet for the first time in a few months. And I went looking for an appropriate song to celebrate the relief that visit should bring.

Sammy Masters was a Oklahoma-born rockabilly performer who recorded for numerous labels between 1951 and 1965. “Flat Feet” was the B-side to “Whop-T-Bop,” which came out in 1956 on the 4 Star label without much success. He did have a minor hit for the Lode label in 1960 with “Rockin’ Red Wing,” which went to No. 64. I found “Flat Feet” in the massive That’ll Flat Git It collection of rockabilly issued by the German label Bear Family starting in 1992. Masters passed on in March at the age of eighty-two.

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  1. porky says:

    An odd coincidence you picked a song by Sammy as he hosted and produced Cal’s Corral, a Sunday afternoon television show sponsored by automobile dealer Cal Worthington, who recently passed away at age 92.

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