Hoping For That Healing Feeling

Sometime this summer, I strained something in my right elbow, damaging the places where the forearm and wrist muscles connect to the bone. And it hurts.

I coped with it for a while, using my left arm, for instance, to support my right arm while I poured from a full pot of coffee. But eventually, I took my concerns to Dr. Julie, who poked and prodded my arm and wrist and then frowned when I winced and winced.

She sent me to a physical therapist, who gave me a sheaf of exercises to do in hopes of stretching the other muscles on my right side – from my upper arm to my lower back – that are now taking up the slack for the damaged muscles and are themselves being overworked. And she told me to find alternate ways of doing things that do not stress my right elbow or wrist. The exercises are not difficult, but – as exercises have always been for all of my sixty years – they’re boring. And finding alternate ways to do things is difficult, as I’m right-handed. But I’m trying.

Anyway, my arm aches this morning. I have an appointment for physical therapy this afternoon, which will include some exercises, and this morning, writing is tiring my arm. So I’m giving my arm the rest of the morning off. I’ll be back Saturday with some thoughts on writing implements.

In the meantime, here’s organist Jimmy McGriff with “Healin’ Feelin’,” a track from his 1972 album, Fly Dude.


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