‘I Hold My Tongue . . .’

Trying to make sense of a couple of days that defy sense-making, I was wandering through the mp3 shelves looking at tracks with the “sad” in their titles. And I came across “Sad Eyes” by Bruce Springsteen, a track recorded in Los Angeles in 1990 and released in 1998 on the four-CD box set Tracks. And I looked a little closer and found two covers of the Springsteen tune sitting on the shelves. One is by Elliot Murphy & Iain Matthews from their 2000 album La Terre Commune, and we may get to that one someday.

The other cover is from Trisha Yearwood, who included the Springsteen tune on her 2000 album Real Live Woman. I don’t know that Yearwood’s version of the song can erase the days’ concerns (which will pass, I’m sure), but her take on “Sad Eyes” makes the day a little brighter.


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