‘If It’s Tuesday . . .’

Well, it’s early on a Tuesday, and the Texas Gal is already off to work. This is the third of four consecutive Tuesdays with an ungodly early start for her (and me), so as I sat down, yawning, I thought I’d take a look at Tuesday songs (an easy corollary to the occasional Monday songs I’ve dug up on occasion.)

I found several in the cyberstacks, although I had to sort my way past a couple of albums by ’Til Tuesday and a 1968 album by Deena Webster titled Tuesday’s Child.

There were numerous covers of the Rolling Stones’ “Ruby Tuesday” and four versions by the Cowboy Junkies of their own “Sun Comes Up It’s Tuesday Morning.” And an alphabetical sort of the Tuesday songs provided me with this sequence:

“Everything Means Nothing” by Late Tuesday (2002)
“Everything’s Different Now” by ’Til Tuesday (1988)
“Everything’s Tuesday” by the Chairmen of the Board (1970)

So I had plenty to choose from. I finally settled on a mellow, almost somnolent, theme song from a 1969 movie whose title – borrowed from a 1965 CBS-TV documentary – has become a tagline often used to symbolize the confusion brought about by rapid travel and jet lag.

“If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” was written by Donovan for the film of the same title. In the comedy about a European tour, Donovan sings his own “Lord of the Reedy River,” but the title song was performed by J.P. Rags.


J.P. Rags is, as WFMU’s Beware of the Blog put it earlier this year (in what I think is an inspired bit of utter supposition), “a bit childlike, a folkie nature boy slinging a guitar, sitting on the railroad tracks to dump gravel out of a worn but stylish boot. You know that there’s more to him than that. He has several stories and lives that he has perhaps walked away from.”

Beware of the Blog goes on to look at the only album released by Rags, whose real name, the post notes, was likely Doug Cox. That album, the 1968 release Scruffety, is available through several standard mp3 emporiums, and it may be worth a listen in the days ahead. But our business this morning is with Rags’ movie theme.

As I noted above, it’s mellow to the point of sedation, and it’s certainly not one of Donovan’s best tunes. But it’s a Tuesday song, so here you go: “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” by J.P. Rags.


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  1. Yah Shure says:

    Having grown up on Daryl Laub’s 1950s-early ’60s Twin Cities TV kiddie show clown characters J.P. Patches and T.N. Tatters, I’d never be able to take anyone with the name J.P. Rags seriously.

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