It Was A Splendid Time For All

Yesterday’s gathering went wonderfully. There were nearly twenty of us here on the outskirts of town doing damage to a table that included barbequed beef and pork, barbecued beans, several vegetable platters and dips, chips, various types of pickles and two types of cake, one frozen.

The conversations ranged from exactly where near New Ulm, Minnesota, did the Dakotah Indians chase the buffalo over a cliff (somehow inspired, I think, by the fact that the Texas Gal and I served a vegetable dish laced with sausage made partly with yak meat) to tales of 1950s and 1960s St. Cloud, related for the benefit of those who missed that era either by being elsewhere or not being born yet at all.

And we took turns playing a beanbag game and just sitting in the shade of the trees, sipping beer and other beverages to a soundtrack that included a custom CD titled Summer Means Fun, brought to our gathering by our pal Yah Shure. (I’ll pull some nuggets from that compilation later in the week, I hope.)

But all the to-do on Sunday – a delightful way to mark the oncoming end of summer – has left me less energetic than I would like on Monday. I’m going to put off until tomorrow a further exploration of the history of the group alternately known as Michael’s Mystics and the Mystics and the song “Pain.” Instead, I’ll leave you with an entirely acceptable and aesthetically wonderful track from Bill Morrissey’s 1999 exploration of the catalog of Mississippi John Hurt.

“Monday Morning Blues” by Bill Morrissey
(From Songs of Mississippi John Hurt, 1999)


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  1. Yah Shure says:

    Many thanks to you and the Texas Gal for the invitation and the introduction to your circle of characters, whiteray. Now that I’ve met the world-famous Rick and Rob, I certainly get a better sense of those neighborhood tales of your youth! And then there were the stories of summers past: the booty haul from the Rox Fan Appreciation night, Rick’s having to get past the “witch’s house” on the tricycle treks to the candy store, the buffalo high jump… ahhhh, summer.

    Thanks also for the guided tours of the legendary garden and the EITW writer’s studio. I had a great time.

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