Not What I Had Planned At All

I  began a long piece this morning planned for this space, a comparison of the two most recent compilations of the five hundred greatest albums by Rolling Stone. But my fingers will not obey my commands this morning; it takes great effort to type a simple sentence. And it feels as if a furry weasel has taken up residence in my cranium: Those thoughts that do emerge seem to do so through layers of fuzz. And I have no energy.

A summer cold, even though summer has not yet begun, either meteorologically or culturally, seems to have set in, and it’s augmented in this case by the various and generally tolerable ailments that accompany me every day.

What it all means is that I sat down at the desk today, rolled boxcars and was out of the game just like that. So here’s a record about tumbling dice, recorded by the Rolling Stones during their U.S. tour in the spring of 1972.


2 Responses to “Not What I Had Planned At All”

  1. Paco Malo says:

    “Women think I’m tasty,
    Always tryin’ to rape me,
    Make me burn the candle right down ….”
    (from a ’73-74′ German I gig boot had years ago.

    Thanks for the memories, whiteray — this version and the studio original are in heavy rotation at my house: there is no substitute for Mick Taylor on any version of this classic.

  2. Marie says:

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    I’m heading now to your 1957 posts.

    (The Conductor)

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