One Chart Dig: December 29, 1973

The Texas Gal is on vacation for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day this year, which means that she’s only got a couple days left before we get back to what passes for our regular routine. And that also means that I’m not all that committed to spending more time than necessary here in the EITW studios today.

So I took a quick look at the Billboard Hot 100 from December 29, 1973, to see what I could find. I recall very few of the records listed there from that time; when that Hot 100 was released, I was visiting friends near Århus, Denmark, and we were all preparing for a New Year’s celebration capped with red and white fireworks.

Most of those one hundred records are familiar now. I’ve noticed a few that aren’t, however, and I’ve spent a few minutes wondering which way I should go for one chart dig this morning: familiar or unknown? And I’ve decided to go familiar.

“Raised on Robbery” was – I think – the first single Joni Mitchell pulled from Court and Spark, which would be released in January 1974. As the year was ending, “Raised on Robbery” was sitting at No. 89; it would peak in a few weeks at No. 65. (Two other singles from Court and Spark would do much better in 1974: “Free Man In Paris” went to No. 22 and “Help Me” went to No. 7.)

Here’s a live performance of “Raised on Robbery” from the 1980 video Shadows & Light, which All-Music Guide says was taken mostly from a September 1989 performance.


2 Responses to “One Chart Dig: December 29, 1973”

  1. Paco Malo says:

    Great track on an album that was everywhere I turned in when I was in college. This is my third favorite track on “Court and Spark”: “People’s Parties” (No. 2), and number 1 with a bullet “Court and Spark” — the opening cut.

    I still live on Joni’s wisdom.

  2. Steve E. says:

    “Court and Spark” remains one of my favorite albums ever, from start to finish, although I originally bought just the “Help Me” single before deciding to get the album. As always, her lyrics are outstanding, but I also think it’s her best group of melodies and arrangements.

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