One Chart Dig: October 9, 1965

The Vejtables, says Joel Whitburn in Top Pop Singles, were a rarity. The San Francisco group was one of the few rock bands to have a woman drummer: Jan Ashton, who also handled some of the lead vocals. Why mention it today? Because forty-seven years ago today, on 10-9-1965, the Vejtables’ “I Still Love You” was sitting at No. 109, bubbling under the Billboard Hot 100.

The record was actually in its second week at No. 109. In another two weeks, it would enter the Hot 100 on its way to a peak at No. 84. It was the Vejtables’ only Hot 100 hit. Their cover of Tom Paxton’s “The Last Thing On My Mind” would bubble under at No. 117 in November 1965.

And I think that next time out, we’ll take a look at the original and some covers – including the Vejtables’ version – of that very good Tom Paxton tune.


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