One I’d Like To See

Because I wander around YouTube a lot, looking for things to share here (and looking at college and pro football highlights, too, to be honest), the website always suggests a wide variety of other things I should look at. The other day, one of the suggested videos was titled “Mad Dogs & Englishmen: A Celebration of Joe Cocker hosted by Tedeschi Trucks Band.”

The album Mad Dogs & Englishmen, a document of Joe Cocker’s 1970 tour with Leon Russell and what seemed a cast of thousands, is one of my favorite albums. (My copy was given to me, coincidentally, forty years ago this week by a sweet woman named Laura, which means that I was likely spending a lot of evening time this week in 1975 bobbing my head and playing air piano on the green couch in the basement as Joe worked his way through “Cry Me A River” or “The Letter.”)

And the Tedeschi Trucks Band is one of my new favorites, formed in 2010 when married couple Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks in effect merged their two bands. I’d been following both musicians for a while, and the musical merger intrigued me, so I got hold of the new group’s first album, 2011’s Revelator. It was good. So when I saw the suggested video, I played it:

Wow, I thought. What a great show! And then I thought, too bad I won’t get to see it. It is in Virginia, after all. Even if it were closer, well, the Texas Gal and I rarely even go to the Twin Cities for concerts anymore. Part of that is economic, part of it is that driving in the Cities is less and less easy for both of us; neither of us is comfortable any longer in busy streets or on busy freeways.

So I consoled myself with the thought that the series of concerts is very likely to be recorded for both video and audio release, and I’ll most likely have the chance to see and hear the tribute in my own home. Delayed, yes, and at a technological remove, yes, but still . . .

That made me feel a little better, and I made a mental note to keep an eye on new music releases right around, I would guess, December. Maybe I can put the Mad Dogs celebration on my Christmas list.

So I clicked a few more YouTube links, and I came across a performance by the Tedeschi Trucks Band from this year’s Gathering Of The Vibes music festival in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Here’s the group’s take on “The Letter.” Add in those guest musicians come September, and it should be a hell of a show.


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