Saturday Single No. 296

It’s still early here on the East Side, and the Texas Gal just came in from an hour of weeding in the one of the gardens. Most of the weeds she’s fighting are plain old strains of grass, trying to survive in areas that once were – literally – their turf. With the grass having been plowed under not all that long ago – four years in the case of our first garden and just this spring for the new garden – it’s a battle to keep the rows clear, especially since we didn’t put down mulch this year.

Anyway, the Texas Gal was hoping to get a good chunk of at least one of the gardens cleared before the humidity overwhelmed her or the rain moved in. She said she got half of the older garden weeded before the sticky air became too much, and a look at the radar shows a good-sized blue and green blob just west of St. Cloud, heading northeast. If it misses us, it won’t be by much. And there will likely be other storms popping up on the radar throughout the day.

Along with the weeding this morning, she cleared out our first crop of radishes, bringing in a full basket for the third time in ten days. That leaves us with more radishes in the refrigerator than twenty people can use on salads in a week, so the Texas Gal’s next step will be to find a recipe for pickled radishes. I’ll help with the literal heavy lifting, bringing the canner upstairs and then moving it around the kitchen when it is filled with water.

There is news as I write: Before the pickling begins, there will be a trip to the local farmers market. We may have a lot of radishes, but the Texas Gal says we will need more to fill the canner. Along the way, we’ll stop at the nearby grocery store for spices and other ingredients we do not already have on hand. (We’ll likely get more prosaic items, as well: milk, cheese, lunchmeat and more, stocking up for the week ahead.)

When we return, I’ll be heading to the cookbook shelf in the dining room, where I’ll spend an hour or so looking for something both interesting and healthy to do with the package of turkey tenders that we thawed overnight. I suggested doing something with flour and paprika and a yogurt sauce (plain yogurt works very well as a low-calorie substitute for sour cream), served over pasta – kind of a Hungarian approach – but the Texas Gal’s reaction was not encouraging. So I’ll see what else I can find. That should not be difficult, as we have a collection of maybe sixty different cookbooks.

What I am saying here, I guess, is that we have a relatively busy day planned. We may get a chance to sit out on the lawn with a beverage after the pickling is done and the storms have passed, but until then, this is not nearly going to be the lazy day the Moody Blues sang about on their 1969 album On The Threshold Of A Dream. But then, the Moodies were singing about Sunday and we haven’t gotten there yet. So, in a kind of hopeful projection, the Moody Blues’ “Lazy Day” is this week’s Saturday Single.


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