Saturday Single No. 335

Having mentioned Mom’s stroke here a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d give a brief update. She spent three days in the hospital undergoing some tests, which showed – as I noted – that the only things that seemed to be affected were her left arm and left leg. As I also mentioned two weeks ago, within a couple of days after the stroke, her left arm was working as well as her right (although it was easily fatigued), and she was walking very short distances with the use of a walker.

For the last two weeks, she’s been in a care center where the staff is leading her through physical therapy designed to build up her strength and to get her left arm and her left leg to points where she can return to her assisted living apartment. She’s doing very well, she says, and her therapists agree. They moved her around in a wheelchair for the first week, but since then, she’s been moving greater and greater distances at least part of the time with a walker.

I stop in to see her most days, and she’s determined to get back home, which is good. And while no ailments at her age of ninety-one are minimal, it seems as if the effects of this one can be overcome. I’m not sure when she’ll be ready to move home – no one has said anything concrete yet – but I’m guessing that day will come.

And about the only other thing that I can say right now is that all of us – my family, her friends, and my mother – were very, very lucky.

In that vein, then, here’s Chris Rea’s tune, “My Lucky Day.” It’s from his 1986 album, Beaches, and it’s today’s Saturday Single:

A little bit of daylight shine on my pillow
Come through my window pane
Speak of the morning, hope is eternal
Better to look at it this way
This could be my lucky day

It’s crazy, I hear you say.
This could be my lucky day.

A glass filled with crystals, six million rainbows
Gifted to see with children’s eyes
Always a small chance shooting that rainbow
Bless this dawn with sweet surprise
This could be my lucky day

I know it’s crazy, I hear you say.
This could be my lucky day.

No inhibitions, naive forever
Better looking up than looking down
Don’t try to beat it, twist and defeat it
Leave those kind of complications, never to be found
This could be my lucky day


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  1. Alex says:

    Wishing your Mom a very speedy (and full) recovery… and much continued luck to all of you!

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