Saturday Single No. 362

It’s a gloomy Saturday, overcast and sullen outside. My ailing elbow aches, and my head is plugged with an autumn cold.

But all that’s okay. Things are good here under the oaks. Just two days ago, the Texas Gal got her first job as a paralegal.

About five years ago, she decided to go back to school. She was in purchasing, where she’d been for about thirty years, and that included working on contracts for her employer, an international scrapbook supplies firm. Intrigued by the workings of the legal world, she decided to pursue a degree in paralegal studies.

Most of her coursework the last five years has been online, and it’s been a long road. After taking classes every quarter for the first year, she decided that she’d take summers off so she could tend to her garden and tend to herself. The quarters rolled past, and the classes went by – Constitutional law, real estate law, legal research, office management and more – until last spring, when she found herself needing only an internship to complete the degree.

And during last spring, the scrapbook firm went into its second bankruptcy in only a few years and laid off a large chunk of its workforce, including the Texas Gal. Luckily, the state of Minnesota has several programs for displaced workers, including one that allows workers to go to school for retraining while drawing unemployment. The Texas Gal qualified. We trimmed our budget a bit, she completed her internship in August at Mid-Minnesota Legal Assistance in downtown St. Cloud, and at the end of September, she received her second bachelor’s degree. (She got the first in Texas a while back.)

After her internship was completed, the folks at the legal aid center asked her to do some part-time work while one of their paralegals was on a leave, and she spent most of September and October doing that, at the same time applying for a new paralegal position the center was creating. She started as a full-time permanent employee yesterday.

I’m proud of her.

So here are the Impressions from 1964, and although the lyrics aren’t entirely congruent with my feelings for the Texas Gal – I don’t worry about her stepping out on me – “I’m So Proud” is today’s Saturday Single.


2 Responses to “Saturday Single No. 362”

  1. porky says:


    My neighbor’s tree hangs over my fence. Do I have any legal recourse…. ……?

  2. Yah Shure says:

    It beats “Pomp And Circumstances.” As Cliff Richard once sang: congratulations!

    @Porky: I believe you’re allowed to keep any unsolicited fallen leaves. 😉

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