Saturday Single No. 373

It was one of those lost mornings around here today. I went out as my coffee brewed to see if I could scrape the overnight sleet from the walk. The narrow walkway around the house will have to wait until we have a little bit of warmer weather, and I’ll put some de-icer on it. That could be a few days; it’s supposed to get very cold here, with highs tomorrow and Monday well below zero; the wind chill Sunday night into Monday is expected to approach -60 F (-51 C).

(The Texas Gal and I have talked a bit about going outside around midnight Sunday and standing in the wind just to see what that feels like. I suspect we’d head back into the house running out of synonyms for “cold.”)

The new and wider sidewalk from the house to the street was easier, and it’s cleared enough that we shouldn’t run the risk of having the pizza guy slip, break a hip and sue our landlord (if we were cruel enough to order a pizza for delivery on a night when the wind chill is heading toward -60).

Anyway, as I leaned on the shovel and looked at my work about 9:30 this morning, the Texas Gal walked around the house from the garage and seconded my opinion from the evening before: The battery in our second car – a 2003 Cavalier – was dead. She went inside to call the garage up the road, and instead of having a peanut butter sandwich and writing a post for this space, I wound up greeting the guy from the garage who jump-started the Cavalier. I then followed the Texas Gal as she drove the Cavalier to the garage for a new battery, an oil change and – in a late addition to the menu – new front brakes.

And as long as we were already out, we went to the bakery and the grocery/discount store as the morning ticked away, and by the time we had stopped back at the garage and come home, the morning was gone. I had planned to write something about Phil Everly, the younger of the Everly Brothers, who passed away Friday. But my energy is gone, so I’ll gather my thoughts over the weekend and see if I have anything of value to say about him on Monday.

In the meantime, I went looking for a song about cars, and I came across an old favorite. In fact, I’m not at all sure what it’s about, but that’s okay, because when I have an opportunity to share something from Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 album, Surrealistic Pillow, I need to do so. That’s why the Airplane’s “She Has Funny Cars” is today’s Saturday Single.


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  1. Paco Malo says:

    I hope your battery can be brought back to life. Love the song.

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