Saturday Single No. 409

The days of vacation wind down here, and we’ve done nothing more exciting since Sunday than go out for groceries. We had our End of Summer Picnic Sunday, with about twenty folks showing up, among them jb of The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ and his Mrs., who made the trek from Madison, Wisconsin (bringing with them a fine selection of Wisconsin cheese and beer), and our mutual pal (and regular reader at both our blogs) from St. Paul, Yah Shure, who, with his fudgy bonbons, has become over the years our picnic’s dessert source.

Since then, however, we’ve done very little. The Texas Gal has closed down the gardens for the most part and did spend a morning cutting and freezing green beans. I did spend some time carting into the basement the surplus beverages from Sunday (and I need to move the two card tables from the garage to the basement today, a task that’s been delayed by rain the past two days).

We talked about spending a day at the Minnesota State Fair, but that was only talk. We would have gone Thursday, but when we woke that day, the air was damp and the sky was grey, and it drizzled on and off all day. “Just as well,” we thought.

And we’ll spend the last few days of the Texas Gal’s vacation getting a few things done: There are hot peppers to seed and dry along the way to making our own chili powder. She has to visit a friend whose husband is in the hospital. I have a meeting at church tomorrow morning. But those things will still leave time for us to sit back and read or watch some television or just ponder how rapidly time moves and leaves us on the verge of September when it seems like it was May only yesterday.

So it’s been a leisurely week here. And I found in the mp3 files a 1971 track by an obscure group called Dallas County that echoes that. Despite the group’s country-ish name, its sound is more Chicago than anything else. I don’t know much about the group. Its members names, as listed at, are unfamiliar, but I do know that the group’s one self-titled album was recorded in Memphis and produced by Don Nix, a Memphis musician (and one-time member of the Mar-Keys) whose name has shown up in this space numerous times. Here is Dallas County’s “Small Vacation,” today’s Saturday Single.


2 Responses to “Saturday Single No. 409”

  1. jb says:

    We are grateful as always for your hospitality and friendship and for a fine time there under the elms.

  2. Yah Shure says:

    “Under the elms”? So *that’s* why the acorns were AWOL this year.

    I’ll second jb’s thanks for the splendid hospitality and conversation. And don’t feel guilty about passing up the State Fair: Until last night, I hadn’t planned on attending, but will end up doing so this afternoon. Y’know, fudgy bonbons-on-a-stick just might be a big hit with that crowd…

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