Saturday Single No. 425

I got a new toy for Christmas: an iPod Nano.

For about eight years, my portable music player has been a little Zen V-Plus made by a company called Creative. The Texas Gal and I picked up two of them at our local Circuit City outlet and then loaded them with our favorite tunes. Not many tunes, however. The Zens each had a two gigabyte capacity, and all one of them would hold was about 340 tracks.

But that served my needs at the time (and its price was reasonable). I’d tell the software to load a random sample from the mp3 shelves, and a couple months later, I’d dump those tunes and reload. When I started the long Ultimate Jukebox project in early 2009, I limited the Zen’s contents to just the 228 tracks I’d included in that project, and for the next nine months, those were the tunes I heard when the Zen was playing.

So how often did I use it? Out of the house, not often. I’d take it along when I had to take Mom to the doctor or dentist, but that was about it. At home, it pretty much stayed in the kitchen, where I plugged it into a small boombox that sits atop a bookcase, and there it provided – as I’ve written before – the music for my kitchen dancing as well as for the Facebook posts about dishwashing music.

But for Christmas, the Texas Gal – who’s had an iPod Touch for about four years now – decided that I would move up a few notches. And so I have, although in terms of music stored, it’s more like 2,300 notches, at least. As I said, the Zen had a capacity of two gig. Well, the Nano holds 16 gig of info, and that’s my guesstimate of how many additional tunes I’ll be able to get on the new player.

Not all of the tunes from the Ultimate Jukebox will end up on the Nano. Over the years, I’ve come to tire of a few of them as the Zen tossed them into the kitchen mix. But most of the tunes that I’ve had on the Zen will make the trip with me, as will many, many new ones. And it’s been selecting the new ones that’s been both fun and tedious.

I didn’t want to convert the entire library of 80,000 mp3s to the iTunes format, so I’ve been going through the alphabetized folders of mp3s one by one, scanning the names of artists as I go. When I dig into an artist’s folder and find a tune I want in the new player, I copy it to a separate folder, and when I have the harvest from two or three letters of the alphabet in that separate folder, I dump that harvest into iTunes, and from there, iTunes will sync it into the Nano.

I’m in the middle of the “R” folder now. The last tune I dropped into the “To Go To iPod” folder was Johnny Rivers’ “Going Back To Big Sur.” And since it’s always good to listen to Johnny Rivers, especially anything from his 1968 album, Realization, “Going Back To Big Sur” is today’s Saturday Single.


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