Saturday Single No. 451

It’s late afternoon, and it’s been a full day: A trip to Maple Grove for lunch with my sister, belatedly celebrating the Texas Gal’s February birthday. (When that February birthday actually took place, weekends were already filled on one calendar or another through May, so we did the best we could.)

That lunch was followed by a brief shopping stop at one of the specialty stores in Maple Grove, and once back in St. Cloud, the Texas Gal headed to church to weed the community garden, and I ran an errand for my mom and then delivered to her some photos of her first great-grandchild (which my sister showed us at lunch).

So it’s been a busy day . . . and it’s time to mellow out a little. So here’s the aptly titled “Mr. Mellow” by Maynard Ferguson. It’s from his 1977 album Conquistador, and it’s today’s very late Saturday Single. See you next week!


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