Saturday Single No. 473

Well, this will be brief. We’re off for some tasks and errands this morning, with a few chores to keep me busy before that. And I don’t have any more to say about the season.

So here’s Sandy Denny’s “Late November,” a impressionistic and harrowing tune from her 1971 album The North Star Grassman And The Ravens. It’s today’s Saturday Single.

The wine it was drunk, the ship it was sunk
The shot it was dead, all the sorrows were drowned
The birds they were clouds, the brides and the shrouds
And as we drew south, the mist it came down

The wooded ravine to the wandering stream
The serpent he moved, but no-one would say
The depths of the waters, the bridge which distraught us
And brought to me thoughts of the ill-fated day

The temples were filled with the strangest of creatures
One played it by ear on the banks of the sea
That one was found but the others, they went under
Oh, the tears which are shed, they won’t come from me

The methods of madness, the pathos and the sadness
God help you all, the insane and wise
The black and the white, and the darkness of the night
I see only smoke from the chimneys arise


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