‘Summer Morning In The Sun . . .’

The Texas Gal is on vacation, and consequently, I’m not planning to spend a lot of time in the EITW studios this week. But I will dig into a couple of Billboard Hot 100s and find a single record to ponder a couple times over the next few days. Today, I went back to the year that pops up more often here than any other – 1970 – and checked out the lower levels of the chart from August 29. And I found a record that I don’t believe I heard back then, but it’s one I think I would have liked: “(I Remember) Summer Morning” by the English pop group Vanity Fare:

It’s a little slight and saccharine for me now – at least it is this morning – but I’m pretty sure that the sixteen-year-old whiteray would have nodded his head as the record came out of the radio on a late August evening. He wouldn’t have been remembering a summer romance as the single played; that was an experience waiting for him some years down the road. But being the romantic that he was (and still is, more than forty years later), he would have thought to himself that what Vanity Fare offered in its record is the way one should feel about a summer romance.

(It’s possible, however, that even as he liked the record back in 1970, the young whiteray might have noticed even back then that the tale of romance is strong on generalities and very light on details of what the two innocents did during their summer: Did they ride the roller coaster at Beckman Park, or swim to the raft in the sunshine at Lake Anna, or walk along Crescent Street in the rain? The record doesn’t say.)

As far as I recall, “(I Remember) Summer Morning” never came out of the RCA radio in my room as summer dwindled and autumn approached in 1970. Forty years ago this week, the record sat at No. 98; it stayed there one week and then disappeared. Vanity Fare is, of course, better remembered for two other 1970 records: “Early In The Morning” went to No. 12 in April and “Hitchin’ A Ride” went to No. 5 in June. And it was probably just as well for that adolescent whiteray that “Summer Morning” wasn’t a hit; there were enough romantic notions coming out of the speakers of that old RCA as it was.

See you later this week.


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  1. David Lenander says:

    Kind of a chorus without verses. I would’ve liked it, too. I remember being a little annoyed with “Early in the Morning” because I kept getting it confused with “She Let’s Her Hair Down (Early in the Morning)” (by the Tokens, though I guess there were a couple of competing versions, including a chart hit by Gene Pitney, which I never heard until many years later on a Pitney compilation) which I really liked, even though it was also a shampoo commercial. Funny thing is, although a much bigger hit, I’m going to have to go to YouTube to listen to the Vanity Fare hit to remember what it sounded like. I do remember “Hitchin’ a Ride,” though. After refreshing my memory with YT, I find that while I like some things about “Early” by Vanity Fare, there is something about it that I dislike, is it the arrangement? Something hinting of the English Music Hall (which I don’t dislike on principle, but somehow doesn’t belong in a song about the early morning? I don’t know why that should be. Anyhow, I like this “Summer Morning” better, and also “Hitchin’ a Ride.” Thanks for the memories.

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