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Slighting The ‘E’ Folder

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Once again, it’s new computer time here in the EITW studios.

I write that like it’s a frequent occurrence. It’s not: The old computer, which was disconnected yesterday, was more than five years old. We’ve known for some time that its last byte was coming soon. But we’d hoped it would give us a few more months so we could do some planning.

But the upgrade to Windows 10 that I wrote about in early August accelerated things. I wasn’t happy with 10, so I reverted to Windows 7. But some software that the folks at Microsoft helped me upgrade when I moved to 10 didn’t work with 7. And the utilities that would help me delete it went away with 10. So I was unable to fully use my main email program; I could receive email, but I could not send or reply. To do that, I had to go to the web-based email of my ISP.

It was workable, but it was annoying, and I evidently became hard to live with. So the Texas Gal hauled me down to one of the big box stores the other day and we ordered a new HP desktop. It came yesterday morning as I was washing clothes, so I spent the day backing up files from the old computer and then installing files and programs on the new one.

Having gotten most everything running, I’m loading the 83,000 mp3s from the external hard drive to the new version of RealPlayer. It takes a while, so I’m doing it folder by folder. I tried to have the computer load everything overnight, but when I went to sleep, so did the computer; it got about halfway into Bob Dylan’s catalog before it got weary and quit. (The Texas Gal would wonder what took it so long.)

So this morning when I restarted the process on the “D” folder, I saw there were about 4,000 mp3s in it. The “E” folder has about 1,700, and the “F” folder about 3,200. The pattern holds with the number of subfolders in each of those three folders. The “D” folder has 284 subfolders, the “E” folder has 132 subfolders, and the “F” folder has 259 subfolders. I’m not going to keep track of any more of that, but those numbers tell me that I need to pay more attention to groups whose names begin with “E” and solo artists whose last names begin with “E.”

The subfolders in “E” begin with Ana Egge, a folkish artist whose recent album Bright Shadow was sent to me by a firm that promotes Americana, and end with Yvonne Elliman. It seems that I’ve never featured anything here by Ms. Elliman, and feel no urgency to change that. (I don’t dislike her work, but I’ve never been overly moved by any of it, either.) In the interest of offering something few have likely heard, though, I will offer some Ana Egge this morning, and then get back to loading things on the new machine. Here’s “Bright Shadow.”