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‘And She Stepped In Front Of Me . . .’

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

I was digging around in the Billboard Hot 100 from September 13, 1975, thirty-six years ago today, pondering some chart digging. I’ve decided to leave that for another day, as I’m moving a little gingerly today. But I wanted to post something, and after looking at the Top Ten from this week in 1975 and then doing a minor bit of looking at YouTube, I know what that is.

“Run Joey Run” by David Geddes was a teen melodrama on record, with Joey’s girl warning Joey not to come over: Dad is mad as hell about something to do with Joey – the listener is left to imagine what it was that Joey did – and Dad he has a gun. So where does Joey go? Of course.

I thought it was goofy then and I think it’s goofy now, but then, I was twenty-two in 1975 and I’m appreciably older than that now, so neither then nor now have I been among the target market for teen melodrama. Plenty of listeners liked it; it went to No. 4. During this week in 1975, “Run Joey Run” was at No. 9, up from No. 19 the week before.

Geddes, who hailed from Ann Arbor, Michigan, had one other hit: “The Last Game Of The Season (The Blind Man In The Bleachers)” was another bit of vinyl melodrama that peaked at No. 18 during the last two weeks of 1975.

I’ll be back Thursday.