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Saturday Single 611

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

Alas, more sleep trouble. I finally nodded off about two this morning, and by the time I awoke, the hour was bending toward noon.

And not long from now, Rob and his sister will be in town for dinner and then a performance at the Paramount theater downtown. We’ll be seeing “What’s Going On: The Music of the Vietnam Era” as performed by our very good local cover/tribute band, the Fabulous Armadillos. We saw them do an Eagles show a few years ago that was truly very good.

So, on short time, then, here’s a video the Armadillos put together a couple of years ago, a pastiche of the Beach Boys’ “California Girls” entitled “Stearns County Girls.”

And since the western portion of St. Cloud is in Stearns County, I now live in the county. So the Fabulous Armadillos’ “Stearns County Girls” is today’s Saturday Single.