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‘Smoke On The Horizon . . .’

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

I’m back from the dentist’s office with a numb mouth and a couple of new fillings. No, my teeth aren’t getting necessarily worse, just old, and there were a few cracks around some fillings that were probably put in when Jimmy Carter was president.

So the dentist removed those fillings, sanded things down a little, and rebuilt the two teeth. And I can’t feel a thing. I’m sipping tepid coffee through one side of my mouth – as insensate as my mouth is right now, I don’t dare drink anything truly hot – and thinking about what to post here today. I had a topic in mind – based on the Billboard Hot 100 from which I pulled Merry Clayton track on Tuesday – but I think I feel disconnected enough right now to postpone that to tomorrow.

At the same time, I’m pondering the item I saw when I stopped at our neighborhood convenience store just down Lincoln Avenue this morning. The guy behind the counter said that the store has occasionally sold CDs, and he’s no doubt right. I just hadn’t noticed, I guess. Anyway, right by the cash register there was a small display offering a Pink Floyd anthology. I doubt I’ll go back and buy it; I have all the Floyd I need.

But when the universe speaks to me, I listen. And here’s the only track that makes sense this morning with a mouth where feeling is slowly returning.

I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope, with a look at some records from early 1972.