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One Chart Dig: September 16, 1967

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Renowned drummer Bernard Purdie has been mentioned two times in this space over the years, and I know without needing any references that such a low number is all out of proportion to the number of times that we’ve featured or talked about recordings on which Purdie has played. (Nevertheless, a look at his credits as a sideman as gathered at Wikipedia is instructive.) But Purdie popped up this morning in a place that was unexpected: In the Billboard Hot 100 from September 16, 1967, when “Funky Donkey” by Pretty Purdie was bubbling under at No. 130.

The single – Purdie’s only appearance under his name in the Hot 100 – went to No. 87.

Even as I headed to YouTube to check out the record, I didn’t connect “Pretty Purdie” with the famed drummer, and when it became obvious that they were one and the same, well, I felt a little dumb. But then, as his mentions here indicate, I’ve never paid much attention to Purdie, and I would guess that something that’s going to change.

I might start with the rest of the tracks on the album Soul Drums. Jason Ankeny at AllMusic says Soul Drums is “[n]ot so much an album as it is a master class in the art of funk percussion,” and he adds that the record is “an unstoppable rhythm machine made all the more memorable by its fiercely idiosyncratic production.”

It turns out that Soul Drums is easily available at the usual outlets, with several bonus tracks added to the original 1968 release. So that’s another one to put on my ever-lengthening list.