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Saturday Single No. 244

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

 We had a nasty set of thunderstorms roll through the area last evening, and this morning, folks all around the St. Cloud area are picking storm-blown branches and other detritus off their lawns. Those are the lucky folks, however. Photos posted at the website of WJON, the radio station just down Lincoln Avenue from us, show plenty of damage, including many trees uprooted in the city and around the area. Thankfully, what happened here last night doesn’t compare to some of the destruction sustained elsewhere in the country – Alabama and Missouri come to mind – in the past few months.

But there were some scary moments: A tornado was reported near the small town of Rockville, about nine miles west of St. Cloud, and the sirens went off all over the area. When they did, the Texas Gal and I went into the basement, followed by three of the four cats, where we listened to the radio and the wind. Nothing much beyond pea-sized hail happened here (elsewhere in the area, the hail was three inches across), and when the warnings expired, we came back upstairs, relieved.

After a while, curious to see how the garden had fared, we went outside into the odd, brassy light that sometimes lingers after a storm: The grey gravel driveway looked eerily red as we walked across the lawn to the garden. There was no real damage there, nor did we see anything amiss at any of the apartment buildings near us. And we got by here with no more than branches and leaves strewn on the ground, so we were very lucky.

Sometime today, in between our other Saturday errands, we’ll have to wander the yard and collect the leaves left behind. Given our fortune at escaping anything worse last night, I could take the time this morning to wander through the mp3s in search of a fitting tune. And that means that “Ridin’ the Storm Out” – a 1974 track from R.E.O. Speedwagon – is today’s Saturday Single.