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Saturday Single No. 463

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

The Texas Gal’s vacation is winding down with just a couple of days left. A good share of her vacation days so far have been spent in the 13th Avenue Canning & Pickling Factory, turning out more pickles and canned green beans than we’ll eat in five years. (The cucumbers and beans thrived beyond her hopes this summer.) After working the other day on what she says is the last batch of pickles, she took some leftover pickling brine, added some sugar, some curry powder and a pinch of dried chili pepper and then poured that over a mixture of green beans, onions, red peppers and tomatoes and put the jars into the canner.

The sauce was tasty, and we’re both anxious to see how the veggies taste after they’ve been in it for a week or two. Besides providing a few quarts of an interesting side dish, the experiment cleared the house of green beans.

As she’s done that this week, I’ve worked on getting the new computer into shape. I’ve found and loaded almost all the programs I use regularly, and the new machine seems to be fine. It’s certainly faster than the last one (which, of course, was faster when it was new than the one that preceded it).

Those computer tasks, combined with some errands for my mom, have left me pretty much unprepared for posts this week. But one interesting musical thing happened this week. Sometime during the first part of the week, I heard a song on WXYG that I remembered liking when it was getting some airplay, and I figured it was sometime in the late 1970s. But I couldn’t remember who the performer was. Given the arrangement, especially the funky bass and lilting flutes, I thought maybe Earth, Wind & Fire or a similar group. But the voice didn’t seem right for that. As we drove, I resolved to look things up when we got home, see if I had the track on the digital shelves, and find it, if I did not.

I forgot to look it up. And when I remembered, I could not remember the lyrical hook, which I was sure was the title. I grumbled for a while and resolved to make a note of the lyric the next time I heard the record. But who knows how long that might be, I thought glumly.

A couple days later, I was driving the Texas Gal to work, and darned if WXYG didn’t play the record again! This time, I listened carefully and caught the chorus I’d forgotten earlier in the week:

It takes every kinda people
To make what life’s about . . .

So this time, when I got home, I grabbed one of my Top 40 books and looked for “Every Kinda People.” And I got a surprise: The singer was Robert Palmer, someone to whom I’ve paid little attention over the years. Why? I dunno. The only thing I knew for sure about Robert Palmer was his video for “Addicted To Love,” where he’s performing with a band made up of five slender women with gorgeous cheekbones.

I shared the video for “Every Kinda People” at Facebook, noting that hearing it reminded me how much I’d liked it in 1978, and that was true: I had liked it, even if I was never interested enough to find out who performed it. The record hit the Billboard chart in March of that year, and in an eighteen-week run, it peaked at No. 16. At the time, I was in my first year at the Monticello Times. I was still learning about the reality of being a reporter, and I was helping to plan an August wedding, so I was busy, and I wasn’t paying much attention to what I was hearing on the radio.

A few folks approved of the Facebook post, and then, a day or so later, my pal jb (of The Hits Just Keep On Comin’) left a comment on the post that said “Every Kinda People” came from “a fine blue eyed soul album called Double Fun. Highly recommended.”

Trusting jb’s recommendation,  I scavenged a copy of Double Fun and will dive into that at times over the weekend. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, even if I am thirty-seven years late getting to it. And here’s the tune that started what I imagine will be a further exploration of Robert Palmer’s work: “Every Kinda People” from 1978. It’s today’s Saturday Single.