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Saturday Single No. 406

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Given yesterday’s post about the events of August 8, 1974, I thought that this morning we’d bounce around in 1974 some more, hitting six tracks from the year by random and then choosing one for today’s featured single. But my first random track hit so close to home that I saw no point in going further.

What I found is “Hang On To Your Happy Days” from Toni Brown, one of the two women who were central in Joy of Cooking, one of my favorite bands from that era. The track comes from Brown’s solo album Good For You, Too, on which she got some help from Joy-mate Terry Gathwaite.

As I wrote to a blogging pal in 2007, the album “tends to drift a little more closely than the group’s albums did toward the shallow end of the singer-songwriter pool. It’s still a nice listen, though, and the songs show Brown’s craft and talent well, even if the production by Chip Young sometimes threatens to overwhelm them.”

And the track I fell into this morning provides a cautionary statement that works as well in 2014 as it did forty years ago: “Someday, you might know how it feels to be hanging on. You better hang on to your happy days.”

So here’s Toni Brown’s “Hang On To Your Happy Days,” today’s Saturday Single.