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Forty-Eighty Years Ago On KINK

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

I wondered what might I night find at the Airheads Radio Survey Archive if I looked for surveys from stations that called themselves progressive rather than Top 40. And I found a station whose call letters I could not resist. So here are the ten albums that made up the weekly survey at KINK in Portland, Oregon, forty-eight years ago today:

Border Lord by Kris Kristofferson
Eat A Peach by the Allman Brothers Band
Feedback by Spirit
Peter by Peter Yarrow
Cochran by Wayne Cochran
Don Quixote by Gordon Lightfoot
Headkeeper by Dave Mason
Burgers by Hot Tuna
Hellbound Train by Savoy Brown

That’s an interesting mix of albums in that 1972 chart. Three of them – the Hot Tuna, the Lightfoot and the Allman Brothers albums – wound up at one time or another on the album shelves here. The Yarrow is on the digital shelves here. The others are not . . . . except for a few tracks:

“Chelsea Girls” by Spirit
“Little Girl Lost” by Kristofferson
“Sleepless Nights” by Wayne Cochran & The C.C. Riders

And finding that last track, “Sleepless Nights,” in the digital stacks here was a surprise because, as I scanned that KINK survey, Cochran’s name was the one I did not recognize. His picture at was not familiar. His entry at Wikipedia tells me in its first paragraph that he was known for outlandish outfits and his hairstyle, and that he wrote the song “Last Kiss.” (And the hairstyle is, indeed, something else.)

I left Cochran’s bio to ponder later and listened to the track. Not bad.

But how did it get here? A click or two later, I realized that it got here via the massive three-LP sampler called The Music People that Columbia released in 1972. I likely acquired the sampler during the months between my discovering music blogs and my setting up my own blog; many of the performers’ names are now far more familiar to me from my puttering here than they were in 2007. I may want to look back at that sampler a bit more.

But not today. Today’s we’re just going to listen to Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Riders’ “Sleepless Nights” as it came out on the 1972 album Cochran, the one that KINK included in its survey forty-eight years ago today.*

Here’s “Sleepless Nights.”

*The video has been mistitled as “Sleepness Nights & Long Long Days,” a confusion stemming, I think, from the fact that an edit of “Sleepless Nights” – the version included, actually, on The Music People – was issued in June 1972 as the B-side to a single release of “Long, Long Day” from the Cochran album.