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Wishbone Ash? Entirely Possible

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Following Tuesday’s post about long-ago beerball games while on the staff of KVSC-FM, St. Cloud State’s student radio station (and following as well an exchange of comments with long-time reader and pal Yah Shure), I got to thinking about what we beerball players might have heard when we tuned our portable radios to our own station.

Our format was pretty freeform. As I look back, it seems that as long as it could be somehow classified as rock, as long as it wasn’t in the Top 40 and as long as it wasn’t obscene, it could get on the air at KV. A lot of the tunes we played came from the deejays’ own record collections, and I recall seeing a lot of album covers that I did not recognize coming in and out of our studios. Over the years, most of those unknown jackets have become more familiar, and in many cases, so has the music inside. Given the eclectic tastes our deejays had, though, there are likely a few that I still wouldn’t know.

One that I would know, however, is Argus by Wishbone Ash. I recall being intrigued more than once that spring when I saw the album’s striking cover in the KV offices and studios. As it happens, the album came out during the first week of May in 1972, according to All-Music Guide. That means that it’s entirely possible that a track from the album was on the air as most of KVSC’s staffers wobbled through a late spring-quarter game of Buckhorn-fueled beerball forty years ago. So here’s “Warrior” from Wishbone Ash.

(Time is in short supply this morning; I hope to be back tomorrow.)