The One & Only

With only 365 days in a year (well, 366 in each Leap Year), and nearly 3,000 LPs on the crowded shelves here at the EITW studios, I expected that I would have, over the years, bought multiple records on every day of the year.

It ain’t so.

Casting about for an idea for a post, I thought I’d see how many LPs I’ve bought over the years on October 14. It turned out to be one. (I imagine that if I searched for each of the 365/366 days of the year, I might find a day of the year on which no record has ever come home; I’m not going to invest the time.)

On October 14, 1989, while I was living in Anoka, Minnesota, I found myself a copy of the Marshall Tucker Band’s self-titled 1973 debut. It was a Saturday, and my Saturday morning routine in those days was to stop at either the small grocery store near downtown Anoka that had a good meat department or the larger supermarket in the nearby suburb of Andover, with its better selection of other victuals and its lower prices.

Whichever one I went to on October 14, I stopped and bought a record somewhere in Anoka. The city had no record stores, so I must have stopped at a garage sale or a rummage sale as I made my way to or from the grocery store. Wherever I found it, the record came home to my apartment just off Brisbin Street (one of the nicest and most spacious places I’ve ever lived), and I likely put it on the turntable that day.

I can’t say that it’s one of my favorites, although I like it well enough. One of its tracks, “Can’t You See,” found a place in my Ultimate Jukebox five years ago. Other than that, all I can say is that when tracks from the album pop up, I enjoy them, especially the opening track, “Take The Highway.”

Two things come to mind as I head toward the end of this post: First, I need to make certain that I add both “Can’t You See” and “Take The Highway” as well as the band’s “Heard It In A Love Song” to my iPod playlist, and then I should note that the copy of The Marshall Tucker Band that’s currently on my shelves is not the one I bought twenty-six years ago today in Anoka. I replaced that one in 1997 with a better copy of the album that I picked up at Cheapo’s just up the street from my place in Minneapolis.

Neither of those matter, I guess, so here’s “Take The Highway,” the opening track to The Marshall Tucker Band, the only LP I’ve ever bought on October 14.


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