‘Today Is Strawberry Tuesday . . .’

Weeks with Monday holidays scramble my sense of time. It feels like a Monday today, and yet, when I check my calendar, my tasks for the day make it clear that it’s not. The quantity of tasks listed also makes it clear that I have little time available for much of anything.

So here’s a Tuesday song: “Strawberry Tuesday” by the Sidewalk Skipper Band. I found the record in the remnants of the huge “Lost Jukebox” archive I managed to find a couple of years ago. The record was released in 1968 on Capitol, and the notes at YouTube indicate that the Sidewalk Skipper Band was a studio group working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with two singles released on Capitol and a third released on Milwaukee’s Teen Town label.

In any case, it sounds very much like 1968, and it’s a Tuesday song, so here you go!


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  1. Midi Onodera says:

    I found an old 16mm reel of film with what appears to be the original music video for Strawberry Tuesday.

    I had it transferred to video and uploaded – you can check it out on youtube or on my website:


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