‘And At No. 53 . . .’

May has suddenly turned busy for me and the Texas Gal. She’ll be hitting the books as her online courses approach midterm, and I’ll be putting a shine on the house as we have my family coming for lunch Sunday for an early Mother’s Day celebration.

So I have less time than I would like this morning to ponder music and write. Given that, I returned to 1972. On Tuesday, I dug a little bit into the Top Ten albums during the first week of May that year. Two days later, it’s May 3 (or 5/3), and I thought I would see – for good or groans – what was sitting at No. 53 in the Billboard Hot 100 during this week forty years ago.

And as I do love me some saxophone – as I noted recently – it seems we get very lucky. Sitting at No. 53 during the week ending May 6, 1972, was “Walk In The Night” by Junior Walker & The All Stars. An atmospheric journey, the single on the Soul label went to No. 46 (No. 10 on the R&B chart).


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  1. Yah Shure says:

    This one takes me right back to Spring Quarter, 1972 like no other song. More student unrest, warm evening strolls across campus and that marvelous view from the college radio station’s studio window of the Washington Avenue Bridge, with its array of lights playfully reflected back by the Mississippi River. And rising up behind it, the entire downtown Minneapolis skyline and the floor after floor of construction lights marking the framework of the emerging IDS Center, well on its way to 57 stories.

    So many lights, each one a shimmering jewel, dancing in the night to the pulse of the city and that magic spinning black piece of plastic with the white Soul label.

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