‘If Man Is Still Alive . . .’

My blogging pal jb, proprietor of The Hits Just Keep On Comin’, also hangs his hat on a regular basis at WNEW, where he recently began a series of posts on songs he dislikes. Thus far, if I have it pegged correctly, he’s expressed his distaste for Harry Chapin’s “Taxi” and for the Beatles’ “Mr. Moonlight.” (I liked the second of those when I was a kid, but I have no real opinion either way on it now. “Taxi,” however, I included in my mythical Ultimate Jukebox last year, so we’ll have to disagree on that one.) What brought jb’s project to mind this morning, however, was my digging around this week among various versions of another tune I expect to eventually see on jb’s drecklist.

When I posted the easy listening cover version of “Don’tcha Hear Me Callin’ To Ya” by British bandleader Ted Heath, (credited formally to “Ted Heath & His Music”), I began wandering through the album from which the “Don’tcha” cover came: The Big Ones. And I found a cover version of a 1969 hit that seems to have – from comments I’ve seen over the years – as many detractors as defenders, kind of like Chapin’s “Taxi.” To tell you the truth, I don’t know that I ever expected to find a cover version of Zager & Evans’ No. 1 hit, “In The Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus).” But I did:

Being one of those who still likes the original record, and having found Heath’s cover – which I quite like as well – I went off into the cyberverse looking for more covers. I found a few, some of them fascinating (if not entirely pleasant) and I’ll dig into some of them tomorrow.

Why not today? Because my day is filled with appointments. I had hoped to get this post up before I headed off to the dentist, but the Intertubes were clogged this morning. And, newly cleaned teeth and all, I’m off to other appointments very soon. But I wanted to get a teaser out today. See you tomorrow!


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