A Bit Of ‘South’

We’re still planning here to resume our Follow The Directions whim, checking out tracks with directions in their titles. But we’ve been waylaid by the simple busyness of life and by checking out some previously unknown tracks and artists.

One of those artists is Marcia Waldorf, whose one album, Memoranda, came out in 1975 on the Capricorn label. I ran into her music on a couple of the loss leaders I wrote about a few months ago. Her track, “You Don’t Have To Beg For What You’re Man Enough To Steal” was on Peaches, Vol. 2, a collection of Capricorn tracks, and “The Rhythm Of The South” was on a 1975 Warner Bros. collection, I Didn’t Know They Still Made Records Like This. And, to get to the point, that last track popped up while looking for tracks with the direction “south” in their titles.

I listened to the track and, being easily diverted, started looking for more information about Waldorf. There’s not a lot out there. I found a post at the blog Ill Folks, and that post put Waldorf into a class with Patti Dahlstrom, as women vocalists whose southern-tinged work was unjustly ignored. (And it was at Ill Folks that I first learned about Dahlstrom and her work – which I’ve explored widely; links are here and here – some nine years ago.) I found a post at Skydog’s Elysium that got me a little more of Waldorf’s music to listen to and noted at the same time some of the musicians who supported Waldorf in Memoranda. And that was about it.

When I listen, I hear some Carole King, which makes some sense, and I hear a little of the feel of Jesse Winchester’s early 1970s work, which also seems reasonable. See what you think of this small taste of Marcia Waldorf’s music as I head off and gather more tracks and info for “South.”


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