A Long-Ago Error Corrected: Thanks!

We returned to St. Cloud yesterday – the Texas Gal and I – after a weekend jaunt to Madison, Wisconsin, the home of jb of The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ and his Mrs. As always, their hospitality was commendable: From bison chili on Friday evening through a tour of the Farmers’ Market and down Madison’s famed State Street on Saturday and on into a meal at Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub Saturday evening, it was a superb stay.

As happens when jb and I get together, we talked radio, sports, music and beer. In the latter category, I supplied a couple of brews from Minnesota: A six-pack sampler from the Brau Brothers Brewing Company, based in the small southwestern Minnesota town of Lucan, and an assortment from the August Schell Brewing Co. of New Ulm, Minnesota.

In exchange, jb offered some brews from Michigan, including a chance to sip on a Kentucky Breakfast Stout from the Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids. A mighty brew, indeed! He and I may disagree on a number of things – most notably football – but we both do respect noble brews.

As we took our chilly walk through downtown Madison, we made a couple of stops. One of those was at the Exclusive Company, a purveyor of CDs, vinyl records and things related. And jb helped me to undo a horrible decision from more than forty years ago.

I have likely related the tale before of how, one day in about 1971, I was rifling through the cut-out bin at the Woolworth’s store in St. Cloud’s Crossroads Center and came across a copy of McLemore Avenue, a 1970 tribute to the Beatles’ Abbey Road by Booker T and the MG’s.

I looked at the cover, which showed Booker T and the MG’s walking across Memphis’ McLemore Avenue in 1970 just as the Beatles had done on London’s Abbey Road a year earlier. I glanced at the list on the back: three medleys and a single track, all pulled from Abbey Road. And I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to hear music from Abbey Road, it should be the Beatles’ versions, not versions by some other band. And I put the LP back in the cut-out bin and left the store. Regrets followed quickly and have never gone away.

On Saturday, as we walked the aisles of the Exclusive Company, jb pulled from the immense CD inventory a sealed copy of McLemore Avenue, a reissue from this year that includes six bonus tracks of other Beatles’ tunes recorded during the mid- to late 1960s. That disc now resides here in St. Cloud, along with a few other CDs found in bargain bins there.

So, my thanks to jb for helping me correct a long-standing error. I’d salute him with the bottle of Kentucky Breakfast Stout he sent back to Minnesota with me, but I do need to function during the remainder of the day. On the other hand, Booker T and his pals are nearly as intoxicating, albeit in another way, so here they are – from McLemore Avenue – with a medley of “Sun King,” “Mean Mr. Mustard,” “Polythene Pam,” “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” and “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).”


2 Responses to “A Long-Ago Error Corrected: Thanks!”

  1. jb says:

    Anybody who does not love “McLemore Avenue” is a sinner whose soul is in danger. Glad I could help out before the Rapture this weekend.

    Anybody who does not love Kentucky Breakfast Stout . . . is thereby saving more of it for the rest of us to drink, so carry on.

    Thanks for the weekend. Of all I have gained from writing my blog, our friendship is probably the best thing. Either that or the e-mail from Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan, the people who recorded “Tennessee Birdwalk.”

  2. whiteray says:

    I feel the same way about our friendship, and I’d be glad to place behind an email from Jack and Misty.

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