About Muscles

I’ve been thinking about muscles for the last week or so. Sometime in the middle of last week, I woke up with a sore back. I think I somehow strained some muscles in my sleep, and they’re getting only marginally better day by day. (This is unrelated to the muscle I pulled near my hip while moving the copying machine the other week.)

Then we had about five inches of snow Monday evening and another inch or so last night, and I went ahead and shoveled the walk yesterday morning and this morning. I probably shouldn’t have done that either time.

All of that means that I’m finding it hard to concentrate on writing right now (although I am working on an idea for a post on Friday, if I can focus). But I thought I’d just drop a note here so folks know that I haven’t bugged out for the winter like my tunehead pals Odd and Pop evidently have.

So, just to prove I’m still here and to note obliquely why my mind isn’t as clear as it should be right now, here’s Herbie Mann’s “Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty” from 1970:


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