Another Real-World Meeting

I’m a little tired on this Tuesday morning, recovering from a very busy Sunday evening and Monday. But it was the best kind of busyness.

Once more, I’ve been lucky enough to see one of my friendships in blogworld become a friendship in the real world, as Jeff Ash of AM, Then FM (and Green Bay, Wisconsin) made a stop in St. Cloud a part of his summer crate-digging and baseball vacation. We spent a couple of hours talking over some beers Sunday evening, and then spent yesterday wandering around St. Cloud.

As we drove, I gave Jeff what my dad used to call “the nickel tour,” pointing out places of major and minor interest: the St. Cloud State campus, Wilson Park down on the Mississippi River, Kilian Boulevard with its expansive rose garden and its less renowned former home of whiteray, and so on.

We lunched at the legendary Ace Bar & Grill, dug through a few crates of records at the Electric Fetus, took a respite from the ninety-degree heat in our living room and then had some Mexican food at the Bravo Burritos Mexicatessen on the West End. That left one thing on the agenda: A Northwoods League baseball game between the St. Cloud Rox and the Duluth Huskies, teams made up of college players brought to the Upper Midwest from all across the country.

Given the heat wave that had settled in Sunday evening, we were a bit leery of spending a lot of time sitting outside; as we ate dinner, Jeff’s Android told us that the temperature was a humid 96 degrees. But we headed to the ballpark, where we happily confirmed that our seats were in the shade, and a cooling breeze eventually wafted across the stands from out near right field. What eventually got to me was not the heat, but the hard metal benches; I have a fair amount of padding, but evidently not enough, so we left with the Rox trailing 10-2 in the first game of a doubleheader.

As we parted, I told him that the Texas Gal and I hope to someday soon get to his turf, seeing a few things in Green Bay and then heading around the bay to Door County on a Lake Michigan peninsula. He seemed to think that was a good idea.

As to music, I have nothing that suffices to illustrate the beginnings of a real-world friendship, so I’m instead going to provide a teaser for that look into the Billboard chart from the summer of 1971 that I’ve been promising. Here’s Gordon Lightfoot’s “Talking In Your Sleep” (and no, it’s not the same as the song Crystal Gayle took into the Top Twenty in 1978). Lightfoot’s original, from his album Summer Side of Life, was sitting at No.72 on this date in 1971. It would peak at No. 64.


4 Responses to “Another Real-World Meeting”

  1. jb says:

    I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Jeff in the real world after years of online acquaintance, and I enjoyed it a great deal. Perhaps an eventual three-headed blog summit is in order, since Green Bay is not far from us. Or as our wives might call it, a geek-off.

  2. Paco Malo says:

    That “nickel tour” sounds like great fun. I’ll be savin’ my pennies until I get a full nickel together. 😉

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  4. Jeff says:

    Thank you much, Whiteray, but I suspect all it means that now both you and JB can confirm that I am a tremendous slouch. I agree that a summit is in order, but we clearly have all peaked.

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