Brezhnev? Yes, Brezhnev

There was going to be an installment of the Ultimate Jukebox today, and a pretty good one at that, with a minor tale that ties together a baton twirler, the Red Army, the former nation of Czechoslovakia and a No. 7 single. But after packing the Texas Gal’s lunch early this morning, I realized that my head felt like a block of concrete and my thought processes were as lively as Leonid Brezhnev’s, and he’s been dead for twenty-eight years.

I don’t know if it’s a cold, some unfriendly pollen or the humidity of a rainy day (which would make me literally under the weather), but I find myself unable to put energy into much of anything today, much less writing a length post about music I love. So I’ll delay that installment of the UJ until tomorrow or Thursday and instead leave you with an appropriately titled tune from 1975 for this Tuesday morning:

See you tomorrow, I hope.


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