Briefly On A Friday Morning

It was an early morning today, as my mom had to be at a clinic by six o’clock to have a cataract removed from her left eye. It all went well, and I know that will be a relief, as her vision has been deteriorating for a while.

But the early hour has left my regular schedule in a bit of a mess and left me a bit drained. So I’m going to offer up a video of a suitably titled tune, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a Saturday Single.

“See the World” by Vinegar Joe from Vinegar Joe [1972]


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  1. Sharon Rogers says:

    I have a close friend that had cataract surgery not long ago. She found out that all the pink flowers in her garden were actually RED!! She couldn’t believe it! It’s a very beneficial surgery and they are really good at it now, very routine….

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