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Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

After a late start this morning and an unfortunate difficulty with peanut butter, the day seems somehow damaged. I’ll regroup for some afternoon tasks, I’m sure, but for now, I’m just going to check out a few things on the Texas Gal’s want list and then dabble with some mp3s that need tagging.

So here’s a Tuesday song: “Tuesday” by Birtha, a four-woman group from the early 1970s based in the Los Angeles area. Its members were Shele Pinizzotto on guitar, Rosemary Butler on bass, Sherry Hagler on keyboards and Olivia “Liver” Favela on drums. All four women sang. The track is from the group’s self-titled 1972 debut album.

I’ll be back tomorrow or Thursday, writing about the books currently on my reading shelf.

‘Hurry, Tuesday Child . . .’

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Tuesdays around here are usually pretty quiet: Laundry’s a day in the past, the routine of the week is settling in, and after I throw a post into the blogosphere, I often have a lunch of herring filets – usually in a mustard sauce – with flatbread.

This week, however, Tuesday is Laundry Day. Why?

Well, it has to with the years that the Texas Gal spent working for Creative Memories, a home-sales firm that marketed scrapbooking supplies: Specially designed albums, specially designed pages, and all sorts of accessories and gadgets that could be used to put anyone’s memories into a scrapbook. It’s probably not too fine a point to say that Creative Memories invented the scrapbooking industry. And then, the company faltered and failed for a number of reasons, including the fact that other firms began making and selling similar goods in retail stores for much lower prices.

Anyway, during the years that the Texas Gal worked there, the company would often sell older and discontinued merchandise to its employees at ridiculously low prices: an album that retailed for around $40 would go for $1, and so on. So boxes of scrapbooking supplies gathered first in the closet of the apartment across the way and then in the basement here at the house. And in an effort to declutter a little bit, the Texas Gal – who tried scrapbooking as a hobby but decided to stick with quilting and gardening – decided a few weeks back that it was time to get rid of the sixteen boxes of albums, pages, stickers and whatnot that were gathered in one end of the basement.

So Sunday I started hauling boxes to the living room, and yesterday, instead of doing laundry, I finished that task and then straightened the place up a bit, as one of the Texas Gal’s co-workers was stopping by after work to relieve us of some of the scrapbooking supplies.

That’s why today, a Tuesday, is Laundry Day, and to add to the confusion, I’m waiting for the air conditioner guy to give me a call and come out and fix the AC, which quit working yesterday morning. It’s not supposed to be too warm today, and normally, I’d open the windows, but – according to news reports – the second wave of smoke from Canadian wildfires will blow into the area sometime late this morning or early afternoon. I was out to run an errand in the first wave of smoke yesterday, and it was not pleasant. So we’ll stay closed up here, doing laundry and waiting for the AC guy. I’ll still probably have herring filets and flatbread for lunch, though.

Anyway, here’s a Tuesday song: Bobbie Gentry’s “Hurry, Tuesday Child,” originally found on the 1967 album Ode to Billie Joe.

‘Today Is Strawberry Tuesday . . .’

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Weeks with Monday holidays scramble my sense of time. It feels like a Monday today, and yet, when I check my calendar, my tasks for the day make it clear that it’s not. The quantity of tasks listed also makes it clear that I have little time available for much of anything.

So here’s a Tuesday song: “Strawberry Tuesday” by the Sidewalk Skipper Band. I found the record in the remnants of the huge “Lost Jukebox” archive I managed to find a couple of years ago. The record was released in 1968 on Capitol, and the notes at YouTube indicate that the Sidewalk Skipper Band was a studio group working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with two singles released on Capitol and a third released on Milwaukee’s Teen Town label.

In any case, it sounds very much like 1968, and it’s a Tuesday song, so here you go!

‘If It’s Tuesday . . .’

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Well, it’s early on a Tuesday, and the Texas Gal is already off to work. This is the third of four consecutive Tuesdays with an ungodly early start for her (and me), so as I sat down, yawning, I thought I’d take a look at Tuesday songs (an easy corollary to the occasional Monday songs I’ve dug up on occasion.)

I found several in the cyberstacks, although I had to sort my way past a couple of albums by ’Til Tuesday and a 1968 album by Deena Webster titled Tuesday’s Child.

There were numerous covers of the Rolling Stones’ “Ruby Tuesday” and four versions by the Cowboy Junkies of their own “Sun Comes Up It’s Tuesday Morning.” And an alphabetical sort of the Tuesday songs provided me with this sequence:

“Everything Means Nothing” by Late Tuesday (2002)
“Everything’s Different Now” by ’Til Tuesday (1988)
“Everything’s Tuesday” by the Chairmen of the Board (1970)

So I had plenty to choose from. I finally settled on a mellow, almost somnolent, theme song from a 1969 movie whose title – borrowed from a 1965 CBS-TV documentary – has become a tagline often used to symbolize the confusion brought about by rapid travel and jet lag.

“If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” was written by Donovan for the film of the same title. In the comedy about a European tour, Donovan sings his own “Lord of the Reedy River,” but the title song was performed by J.P. Rags.


J.P. Rags is, as WFMU’s Beware of the Blog put it earlier this year (in what I think is an inspired bit of utter supposition), “a bit childlike, a folkie nature boy slinging a guitar, sitting on the railroad tracks to dump gravel out of a worn but stylish boot. You know that there’s more to him than that. He has several stories and lives that he has perhaps walked away from.”

Beware of the Blog goes on to look at the only album released by Rags, whose real name, the post notes, was likely Doug Cox. That album, the 1968 release Scruffety, is available through several standard mp3 emporiums, and it may be worth a listen in the days ahead. But our business this morning is with Rags’ movie theme.

As I noted above, it’s mellow to the point of sedation, and it’s certainly not one of Donovan’s best tunes. But it’s a Tuesday song, so here you go: “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” by J.P. Rags.