Checking Out Ms. Jordan

Okay, so: Sass Jordan. She’s a Canadian singer who’s had some decent successes on the north side of the border and a few bits of the same on this side. The most notable moment for her came, most likely, when her vocals were added to join Joe Cocker’s on a tune called “Trust In Me.” The resulting “duet” wound up on the soundtrack to the 1992 Whitney Houston film The Bodyguard.

On the southern side of the border, two of her seven albums have edged into the lower portions of the Billboard 200: Her 1992 album Racine went to No. 174, and Rats, released in 1994, went to No. 158. Both were Top Ten on the magazine’s Top Heatseekers chart, which highlights “new and developing” artists, according to Wikipedia.

I knew nothing of that when I began poking around today, checking out Ms. Jordan’s background. So why was I poking? Well, the other day, the Texas Gal and I were somewhere – having lunch, likely – when I heard from the overhead speakers the strains of the Eagles track “Ol’ 55.” It’s a decent track that was the B-side to “Best Of My Love” in 1974 and showed up on the group’s album On The Border.

And having heard the track for the first time in a while, I wondered about covers. I knew the Eagles’ version was itself a cover, as the song came from the pen of Tom Waits and was on his 1973 album Closing Time. So I began to look around the Interweb for information about covers. (I already knew of one; Richie Havens covered the tune on his 1980 album Connections.)

And I found Sass Jordan’s cover of the tune. It was on her 2009 album From Dusk ’Til Dawn:

And we’ll leave it there today, planning to check out a few more covers of “Ol’ 55” in the days to come (and to check out more of Jordan’s music, too).


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  1. David Young says:

    I remember her from the bar band scene in Montreal. Friends went to high school with her. I must confess, I never cared for her myself.

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