I’m in a Seekers mood this morning. As I wander through the catalogs of the original Seekers and the related New Seekers and remember how much I liked what I heard of the two groups in the mid- to late 1960s and into the 1970s, I wonder why I’ve not mentioned them very often here. From what I can tell, their music has showed up in this space less than five times, often when exploring cover versions of tunes made famous by other folks. (I could be more accurate if I were to get down to business and finish the last seven months or so of posts on the archives site.)

Anyway, I was looking at the few tunes I have by the Seekers and their successor group on the digital shelves and thinking that I need to gather more of it and likely write about it here in the weeks to come. In the meantime, YouTube will provide plenty of tracks to get things started, and as I wandered today, I found a New Seekers B-side that intrigued me, with a sound much more full than I recall from the group or its predecessor.

Here’s “Cincinnati” from the flip side of “Nickel Song,” a 1971 release (on Elektra in the U.S.) that, according to Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles, was credited to the New Seekers featuring Eve Graham (although Eve doesn’t seem to be in the forefront of “Cincinnati”). The record spent five weeks in the Billboard Hot 100, stalling at No. 81.


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