Fifteen Inches Of Snow

Well, Saturday’s forecast for snow was upgraded quickly after I wrote, with the expected snowfall goosed upward to anywhere from ten to sixteen inches. The snow began falling shortly after midnight Monday morning and kept on coming into the late afternoon, leaving behind about fifteen inches of heavy, wet snow.

I did a shovel-width pass down the sidewalk yesterday morning, but by the time I went out this morning, it seemed as if I’d not done anything. I did the same shovel-wide pass this morning as my coffee brewed and the Texas Gal got ready for work, so she could walk to the bus stop without getting snow in her boots. I’ll have to go out later and trim the edges of the walk and then work on the front steps, which I hardly touched.

And sometime today, the new guy who plows our driveway should be back. At least I hope so. His post-midnight job left a ridge of snow four feet tall in front of one of the garage doors and left large portions of the driveway littered with piles of snow.

With all that (and my normal four loads of laundry yesterday), I’m exhausted before nine in the morning. So I’m going to throw some Aretha Franklin your way and go curl up somewhere with my newspaper, my coffee, some tunes and a cat or two.

Here’s “First Snow In Kokomo” from Aretha’s 1972 album Young, Gifted & Black.


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