It happens now and then to all of us. We move too fast and ignore the prompt. And we quickly learn that we’ve let a chunk of work disappear.

This morning, it was the lengthy piece I mentioned Tuesday, the one about the Rolling Stone special edition: The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Gone.

I might resurrect it next week. Or maybe not. Right now I’m too discouraged to decide.

So here’s B.B. King with “You Done Lost Your Good Thing” from his 1964 album Live at the Regal.


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  1. Paco Malo says:

    What a bummer losing your work like that. Luckily I has that hit me hard very early in the digital word processing era and learned my lesson: get very obsessive/compulsive about hitting that old save button. My first trauma, writing on a mainframe (really) served me well for years, but now, as my mind and body breaks down according to certain genetic and non-genetic cards I was dealt, I see the problem resurfacing. You are not alone.

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