One Chart Dig: June 28, 1969

 Other things call me this morning, so I’m stopping by just long enough to take a one-tune look at the Billboard Hot 100 from June 28, 1969, forty-two years ago today. Starting my digging at the bottom of the chart, as I generally do, I came across a familiar tune at No. 92: “Never Comes the Day” by the Moody Blues.

I was surprised. “Never Comes the Day” is a track from the Moody’s album On the Threshold of a Dream, and that’s where I heard it when I discovered the album a few years later. I don’t think I ever heard it on the radios around me during the summer of 1969. But then, not many other people did, either: The record spent four weeks in the Hot 100 and peaked only one notch higher, at No. 91. (The Moody’s next charting single, “Question” – which would show up in a slightly different version on their album A Question of Balance – would do much better, climbing to No. 21 about a year later.)

But even if I don’t recall hearing “Never Comes the Day” on the radio, it’s a lovely piece of work, written by Justin Hayward.


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