Saturday Single No. 173

It’s already early afternoon, giving me a far later start than usual on a Saturday post. But I’ve been out of touch. My computer picked up a nasty piece of malware late Thursday afternoon. When it happened, I checked with Dale the computer guy, and he gave me a few suggestions that he said might solve the problem although he wasn’t optimistic.

He was right not to be. After messing around with the machine most of Thursday evening, I gave up, and the next morning, I took it to Dale over on Wilson Avenue. I got it back this afternoon. The malware is gone, and a few other minor problems have been resolved. There are a few nagging things, though, for which he couldn’t find an easy fix. That means that the time will come when I have to get a new computer. It makes sense: This one is about five years old, which means it’s as outdated as a 1971 Plymouth Duster. (I drove a Duster for a few months in 1978. It was the worst car I’ve ever had.)

When the time comes for that new computer, I’ll have to decide between a desktop and a laptop. And I’m not sure what I’ll decide, although I am aware that fewer and fewer desktops are available; the future evidently belongs to the laptop. (Or maybe to the iPad and things like it.) The Texas Gal has a laptop and loves it.

I have a few practical concerns about the laptops. For one, I dislike – greatly – the flat keyboard. (I’ve been told there are laptops with graduated keyboards, so we’ll see.) I also dislike moving the cursor around with my finger, but I know one can always add a mouse if one wants. But beyond those practical concerns, I have – for reasons I cannot fathom – a visceral antipathy toward laptops. It’s odd and, for now, inexplicable, but it’s very real and very strong: I do not like them.

Why? As I said, it’s inexplicable at the moment. I’ve tried to figure out why that feeling lies there inside me like a hard lump, but the reason escapes me. Maybe by the time I get a new computer, I’ll feel differently, or at least know why I feel the way I do. Maybe if I use a laptop for a while, that feeling will fade.

But for now, it’s there. I suppose it could be simple dislike of change. I doubt it, as I’ve generally been pretty interested in technological advances over the years. But if that should be the case, here’s a good tune with a suitable title, and it’s today’s Saturday Single:

“Them Changes” by King Curtis at the Fillmore West, San Francisco, March 5, 1971

(Alternate version from the 2006 CD King Curtis Live at Fillmore West.)

– whiteray


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  1. AMD says:

    I have a laptop for travelling purposes, but I hate them too. The flat keyboard, and the close distance from keyboard to the too small screen (laptops with big screens are too expensive). Plus, I don’t know my way around the inside of a laptop, but I know how to stick in another harddrive or more RAM in a PC tower.

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