Saturday Single No. 174

As I’ve watched the winter Olympic games over the past two weeks, a few events – those that involve sliding in one form or another down a sheet of ice or snow – have made me grateful that I’ve not yet slipped on our driveway and then taken the slide of two hundred feet or so to the street below.

The fellow who plows the driveway has done a good job both winters we’ve been here, but it’s a gravel drive, and it’s impossible to plow it without leaving a covering of snow. And as the Texas Gal and I come and go, that snow inevitably gets compressed to ice. That makes hauling things in and out of the cars a little precarious. We shuffle and wobble when we head to the backs of the autos to retrieve articles from the trunks.

We could, of course, place our cars in the garage. It’s a bit small, but the cars do both fit. The problem is that there’s not a lot of room left to maneuver once both cars are in the garage. That’s doubly true when there are things in the cars that need to come indoors. So it’s easier, though a trifle riskier because of the slick driveway, to leave the cars in front of the garage and risk the long slide.

Maybe I exaggerate. Perhaps if I lost my footing, I’d only fall, not slide. I don’t know. But if I did slide all the way to the street, I’m pretty sure my form would be lousy and the Russian judge would knock some points off my score.

As for music to go along with this, the first thing I thought of was the Moody Blues’ “Steppin’ In A Slide Zone,” but that wasn’t quite what I wanted. So I turned to Boz Scaggs, pulling a 1972 LP from the shelves. And here’s “Full-Lock Power Slide,” today’s Saturday Single.

“Full-Lock Power Slide” by Boz Scaggs from My Time [1972]


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  1. Dale says:

    Excellent choice. Was also thinking of the more obvious Slip Sliding Away from Paul Simon

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