Saturday Single No. 187

For some time now, the Texas Gal has been carrying some new clothing in her purse. She’s also been carting around a fair amount of groceries and a Mexican meal for two.

A while back, we got some gift cards from relatives: One for a chain of Mexican restaurants, one for a chain of high-end (at least relative to where we usually shop) grocery stores and one for a chain of women’s clothing stores. Two of those three cards are for establishments in the Twin Cities suburbs, where we don’t often venture. And those cards have been relaxing in the Texas Gal’s wallet, secure in the knowledge that we didn’t have time to get to those stores.

As for the clothing store card, it just got lucky; there is an outlet of the chain here in St. Cloud, but the Texas Gal’s schedule lately has been so busy that she’s not had time to get over there and exchange plastic for product. (Indulging in this little bit of personification makes me wonder if the cards would truly be pleased at not being used, or would they mourn in their plastic little ways that they were not being allowed to fulfill their purposes in life? Dunno.)

Anyway, all three cards are in for an awakening today. Sometime close to noon, we’re planning to head out to Maple Grove, where we’ll buy some high-end produce and other consumables and have ourselves a tasty Mexican lunch. And on the way back to St. Cloud, we’ll stop at the cluster of high-end discount shops near a small town called Albertville, where the agenda calls for new shoes for me – a purchase unrelated to gift cards – and new garments of some sort for the Texas Gal. (I imagine we’ll also likely manage a stop at one of the two budget CD shops we’ll see along the way.)

So it should be a pleasant day. And though George Harrison had something other than consumerism in mind when he wrote “Try Some Buy Some” for his 1973 album Living In The Material World, the song is nevertheless today’s Saturday Single:

I’ll be back Monday.


2 Responses to “Saturday Single No. 187”

  1. Yah Shure says:

    I remember playing Ronnie Spector’s 1971 Apple Records version of “Try Some Buy Some” as a college radio neophyte. Happy card redemption day!

  2. porky says:

    yah shure, yes, the flip side being “Chicken Tandoori.” Gee George how do you get inspired to (burp….) write ?

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